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Jhalana Wildlife Tour by Tempo Traveler

Jhalana! This tiny reserve, situated on the outskirts of Jaipur is a wildlife area which is popularly known for its leopards. It is the best place to Witness and Leopards and many other Wild Animals. It’s a fantastic place away from the City. This is also a perfect place for off-roading so if you are an adventure and wildlife lover, you can't afford to miss this activity. Come and explore the Hidden wildlife area of Jaipur. Jhalana safari ride would let you see Leopards, Panthers, Hyena, Monkeys, spotted deer, peacock, blue bull and many wild animals. During winter time you can see flamingos, cranes, egrets, dunlins, bar-headed goose and cormorants. Enjoy a day from the hustle bustle and evidence the wildlife.